Lawrence, Kansas Office is Making Sure All Kids Get to Experience a Happy Easter

Midwest Beltone’s Lawrence, Kansas office is making sure all kids get to experience a happy Easter this year!

HCP Chris Baker has put together over 100 Easter egg hunt kits, each containing about 17 plastic eggs, (half filled with little toys, the other half with candy), a pair of bunny ears, and a collection bag. Since starting this act of kindness, he has posted on local Facebook and Nextdoor pages about the giveaway and has sparked involvement from others in the community! People are able to pick up their basket(s) at the Lawrence Beltone office this week. 

Baker indicated in his posts that he hoped the kits would be helpful for parents who might be struggling to provide a fun Easter experience for their kids, but that there would be no questions asked. The Lawrence office has seen a great response and cooperation from parents, and has even been reached out by a local charity to receive a few of the baskets for some of the families they support. 

A big thanks to Chris Baker, his office staff, and everyone involved in giving back to the Lawrence community!