Beltone Amaze

The most complete hearing care solution suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss AND available in all styles.

With Beltone Amaze, built on our latest and fastest micro processing technology, you will experience a clearer, fuller and richer sound in any listening situation.

Get ready to feel more action, thrills or adventures when you are watching a movie. And, if you are a music or theater lover, prepare to be amazed by the textured tones that make live performances deeper and more fulfilling.

Amazing Sound & Connectivity

Beltone Amaze will give you an amazing hearing experience in all situations with a clearer, fuller and richer sound. Easy to use and offering full Beltone Care service with remote fine-tuning whenever you need it, Beltone Amaze simply cannot be matched and take advantage of the rechargeable battery that will keep you going for a full day on a single charge!

Features, Accessories & Apps

The fastest wireless connection that only Beltone provides.

  • Wireless Charging
  • Direct Audio Streaming
  • Beltone TV Link
  • Beltone myPAL
  • Beltone Phone Link
  • Beltone Remote Control

Ready to start hearing better?

Let us help you take your first step toward better hearing and a better life. Begin your hearing journey with Beltone by completing a complimentary hearing evaluation today!