The Beltone Hearing Care Foundation

Hearing connects us to the world in a way no other sense can.

For over 80 years, it has been our mission at Beltone to help the world hear better. Our passion for innovating new technologies and providing superior care has helped to enrich the quality of life for countless hearing impaired individuals.

In addition to caring for people on a daily basis, our team knows there are those in need of hearing help who are unable to access the care they need. In an effort to help meet that need, we created the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation.

What is the Hearing Care Foundation?

The Beltone Hearing Care Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that donates hearing instruments to qualifying individuals who are in need of hearing help but cannot afford the cost of hearing aids.

In addition to individuals, select organizations are eligible to receive assistance from the Hearing Care Foundation.

How do I apply to the Hearing Care Foundation?

The first step for applying to the Hearing Care Foundation is to visit a Beltone location and speak with the hearing care practitioner, who can explain the program guidelines to you and walk you through the application process.

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Here are just a few stories of the people who have been helped by the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation

I am proud to announce that I was able to deliver a set of Imagine 17 Hearing Aids to a new patient, Cail, who was gifted his new instruments through the Beltone Foundation. Cail was diagnosed with Alport’s syndrome when he was 12, which effects his hearing, his vision, and his kidneys. He is now 32 tears old and has a very moderate to severe hearing loss that is progressively getting worse. He has never had a new set of hearing devices before, as he comes from a large family of 7 children, the costs of new hearing devices was never in his or his mother’s means. Cail was very ecstatic to receive his new hearing devices and could not believe how well they worked for him. He and his mother were both in tears and so appreciative.

We would like to give a big THANK YOU and shout out to the foundation for offering such an amazing program to help people in these situations.

Every time we reach out to Cail for follow-up visits, he states that the hearing instruments are working GREAT for him and that he doesn’t need any adjustments. The instruments are perfect the way they are.

I am proud to be a part of this company and the journey of this wonderful story in helping such an incredible young man and his family. Thank you, Beltone, for all that you do for the people in our communities.

Tiffany Gutierrez
HCP-Beltone Midwest

As soon as my Beltone Hearing Professional, Stephanie, placed the hearing instruments of choice into my ears I was suddenly overcome with elation. Although hearing was the main concern, the bright light of speech recognition came along with it! When Stephanie spoke, I clearly understood every vowel and consonant. Sound to my ears in general had regained balance. I feel happy!

On behalf of me and my family, thanks to Stephanie and Beltone for making my transition to better hearing a smooth one.


I am so happy I walked into Beltone, and they were able to help me. I would have never been able to afford the quality of aids I received, and the type of care I am given. Now I hear everything, all the voices at home. The T.V. is enjoyable at half the volume. Walks outside, I hear people and the trees like never before. I forgot how great it was to hear. Listen to the radio super low and everyone wants me to increase the volume. I am so grateful that Steve and Ashanti at Zephyrhills Beltone and the Foundation were to help me, never thought it could be so good.

Thank you Beltone,
Ronald Higgins Jr.