Beltone Boost Ultra

Greater situational awareness

Our industry-leading CrossLink Directionality 2 with Personal Sound ID makes it easier for you to focus on what you want to hear without losing touch of the other sounds around you, so you always feel involved and more at ease wherever you are. Conversations and ambient noise now sound natural and clear.

Stream audio directly to your hearing aids

When you upgrade to Beltone Boost Ultra, you’ll feel the freedom of best-in-class connectivity with direct access to all your important devices.

This means longer and easier direct streaming of your favorite songs, audiobooks, TV shows, and more. No matter where you are you’ll always be connected.

Features, Accessories & Apps

The fastest wireless connection that only Beltone provides.

  • Wireless Charging
  • Direct Audio Streaming
  • Beltone TV Link
  • Beltone myPAL
  • Beltone Phone Link
  • Beltone Remote Control

Ready to start hearing better?

Let us help you take your first step toward better hearing and a better life. Begin your hearing journey with Beltone by completing a complimentary hearing evaluation today!