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* Must have a minimum 40 dB loss to qualify for the Gift card. Gift card will be received within 30 days of receiving the hearing evaluation and office demonstration of hearing instruments.

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Are your hearing issues due to hearing loss? Or maybe just earwax? Find out now!

Now you can get a FREE Video Otoscope Exam and a FREE Hearing Screening with one of our hearing care professionals. A video otoscope is a tiny camera that is placed just inside your ear canal. We will also test your hearing using an audiometer to determine what degree of hearing loss you have, if any. Both exams are completely FREE.

Start your journey to better hearing today and claim your $20 Amazon e-Gift Card*

OK, so what’s the Catch?

There is none! We’re making this offer because it is our mission to support those in our community who are ready and willing to start their journey to better hearing. In order to help people in our community, we need to motivate them to take the first step. We’re helping people discover the cause of their hearing difficulty and guiding them to a solution.

What you’re experiencing could be caused by earwax build-up or it could be a hearing loss. You don’t know until you take the steps necessary to figure it out. Take the first step today with us by your side for support.

  • FREE Hearing Screening
  • FREE Video Otoscope Exam
  • FREE $20 Amazon e-Gift Card*

Hearing is Freedom

Take your first step to hearing better

Gain your FREEDOM from relying on others to hear for you. Schedule a FREE Video Otoscope Exam and a FREE Hearing Screening at Beltone. When you complete your FREE exams, we will gift you with a FREE $20 Amazon e-Gift Card* to reward you for taking the first step to hearing better. Appointments are in high demand, so schedule yours today to secure your spot.

Hearing Aids starting at $799 a pair

Enjoy all-day comfort with hearing aids—you’ll probably forget you’re wearing them. You’re free to focus on spending time with family and friends and doing more of what you love.

Receiver-in-Ear (RIE)

These hearing aids are our most popular style. They work with your unique ear shape to collect sound naturally and deliver an exceptional hearing experience. They provide all-day comfort and high-quality sound you can always count on.


Our smallest rechargeable style has a gently curved shape that rests low on the ear for a more discreet fit. Get all the benefits of the RIE in an even smaller design—without compromising on sound or comfort.

Custom Rechargeable

These hearing aids are designed to look like earbuds and offer a custom, comfortable fit, high-quality sound and rechargeable batteries that last all day.

Completely-in-Canal (CIC)

These hearing aids are so small, it’s unlikely anyone will realize you’re wearing them. Their custom design is tailored to you for all-day comfort. And because they fit inside your ear canal, they’re protected from wind noise and offer a more natural hearing experience.

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

Small, rechargeable and budget-friendly, Achieve BTE hearing aids can be matched to your hair and complexion to maximize discreetness. These user-friendly and reliable hearing aids are made with advanced technology to help you hear with confidence all day long.

Jabra Enhance™ Plus

With their powerful speakers, these earbud hearing aids don’t just enhance the world around you, their advanced medical-grade technology also helps you hear your music and calls better too.

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