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+ A Fiber Optic Otoscope exam, which may reveal such common problems as:

  • Excessive wax build-up
  • Damage to the eardrum
  • Fluid accumulation in the middle ear
  • Other conditions

There’s no obligation to receive our FREE HEARING SCREENING, which includes a look inside your own ear canal through our Fiber Optic Otoscope inspection.

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Midwest Beltone is a division of Beltone, the manufacturer of the most trusted brand in Hearing Instruments for over 80 years. Since 1986, Midwest Beltone has helped our patients hear better, by providing exceptional local service in seven states including Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Florida.

We are family owned and operated which means we care for our patients as if they were a member of our own family. We are proud to be your hearing care partner right beside you every step of the way from your first hearing screening to ongoing follow-up care and support.

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Experience how Beltone Imagine enables better speech understanding

Learn more about how Beltone Imagine performs in a complex setting compared to past solutions. Watch these videos and get a feel of how Beltone Imagine tailors your hearing experience to give you the best quality of life.


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Hearing Updates from Beltone

Hearing loss is now linked to Alzheimer’s disease & dementia.

According to several major studies, older adults with hearing loss are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, compared to those with normal hearing. Further, the risk escalates as a person’s hearing loss grows worse. Those with mild hearing impairment are nearly twice as likely to develop dementia compared to those with normal hearing. The risk increases three-fold for those with moderate hearing loss, and five-fold for those with severe impairment.

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