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Daniel Wenzel, BC-HIS
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Right By Your Side in Gladstone, MO

Whether you’re beginning your hearing journey or upgrading your hearing aids, we’re here for you – every step of the way.

Our Gladstone, MO Beltone office is located on the corner of 67th and North Oak Trafficway, in the same plaza as Family Foot Docs. We have proudly served the Gladstone community since 2010 and are honored to be a trusted provider of exceptional hearing care.

Our compassionate team is here to assist you with all your hearing health needs, from free hearing assessments to hearing aid fittings and ongoing care from Beltone Hearing Care Practitioners. On your journey to better hearing, our friendly and professional staff will be right beside you. We’re here to help you discover the hearing solutions that work best for you. Great hearing starts with personalized hearing care. Your free hearing assessment helps us determine the type and severity of your hearing loss, so we can recommend the hearing aids and accessories best suited to your specific needs and lifestyle. Take the first step toward better hearing and schedule an appointment with us today. We look forward to helping you hear more of what matters most!

How to prepare for your appointment

and what to expect at your first Beltone visit.

Beltone Serene

For hearing aids that are our best yet at helping you hear in noisy situations, choose Beltone Serene™—tiny but powerful hearing aids made for everyday life.

Experience more of life

Hearing loss doesn’t have to slow you down or stop you from living life to the fullest. With Beltone Serene hearing aids, you can spend time with family, engage with your co-workers, inspire others—the possibilities are endless.

Beltone Serene Available Styles

Micro Receiver-in-Ear (microRIE)

Product Information:
Beltone’s smallest RIE style
Discreet and comfortable
All the benefits of RIE

Receiver-in-Ear (RIE)

Product Information:
Most popular style
Traditional batteries
Two models to choose from
All-day comfort

CROS/ BiCROS Transmitter (microRIE)

Product Information:
For single-sided deafness
RIE on one ear and CROS/BiCROS transmitter on the other ear
Transmits from poorer ear to better ear
All-day comfort

Tiny but powerful

All the features you need to hear your best in noise are packed into our smallest hearing aids yet. Keep doing what you love and inspiring the people around you with Beltone Serene— hearing aids designed to help you experience life to the fullest.

Paired with Beltone’s award-winning service, you can expect a life-changing hearing experience that simply can’t be matched.

Created to Fit You and Your Lifestyle

Beltone Serene hearing aids are weatherproof and sweatproof, making them the perfect choice for any lifestyle.

Rechargeable for All-Day Power

Get all-day battery life on a single charge*, which means these hearing aids are always ready to take on the day with you.

*Beltone Serene microRIEs are rechargeable. Beltone Serene RIEs take traditional batteries.

Designed for Discreet Comfort

The curved, symmetrical shape of Beltone Serene sits discreetly on the back of the ear. When your hearing aids are this small and comfortable, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them—so you can focus on what’s important.

You’re in Control

Download Beltone’s HearMax™ app to your smartphone to take control of your hearing aids. You can discreetly make changes, adjust settings and use the Find My Hearing Aids feature to locate your hearing aids when they’re not where you left them.

With the HearMax app, you can easily:

  • Enable extra support for extremely noisy situations.
  • Use Find My Hearing Aids
  • Use Check My Fit


Choose From a Diverse Range of Colors

Beltone Serene hearing aids are available in inclusive colors to match your unique personal sense of style, hair color or skin tone.

Tailored Care

You Can Count On

Every Beltone hearing aid comes with a hearing care professional who will be right beside you on your hearing health journey. From providing in-person support at your appointments to answering your questions via a video chat on our app, your hearing care professional is always available to provide customized care wherever and whenever you need it.

Products & Services Provided at the Gladstone, Missouri Beltone Hearing Aid Clinic

  • Buy online, Pick-up In store
  • Curbside Service
  • Delivery
  • Ear cleaning
  • Ear Protection
  • Earmolds
  • Earplugs
  • Earwax Removal
  • Free Hearing Screening
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning
  • Hearing Aid Drying
  • Hearing Aid Repair
  •  Hearing Evaluation
  • In Home Visits
  • Insurance Review
  • Licensed Hearing Care Professional
  • Musician’s Earplugs
  • Musician’s In-Ear-Monitors
  • Nursing Home Visits
  • Same day delivery
  • Speech-In-Noise Testing
  • Tinnitus Counseling
  • Video Otoscopy

Daniel Wenzel, BC-HIS

Daniel C. Wenzel is a BC-HIS; HCP who joined Beltone in 2012.

Daniel C. Wenzel earned an Associate of Applied Science in Electronics from DeVry University. In addition, I pursued a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science from Park University. He is Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Science, and IHS Member, MHS Member, PARA Certified with emphasis on audio, and serves on the Missouri Board of Examiners for Hearing Instrument Specialist our of Jefferson City, MO.

Daniel C Wenzel started his career in the electronics field and worked for Sony and Panasonic where he helped with product development, marketing and senior trainer covering product advantages and complex technical information often proprietary. I enjoyed the work at Sony and Panasonic and with employee counts of over 100,000. I decided to reinvent myself and transition into the medical field. With my solid background in electronics and technical prowess hearing care was an easy decision and a lucky encounter with Jay Pehle, a Beltone employee, sent me off in this exciting direction of hearing health care. I am an HCP in Kansas City, where I discovered the true meaning of caring for our fellow human beings. This life change has proven to be the direction and the passion in providing best of hearing care and passion for helping individuals with hearing issues. No matter which direction I took in my career path, I was successful and confident in my direction.

Daniel C. Wenzel has been recognized for Master, Advanced Master, and Senior Master.

Daniel and his PCC Team will do their best to make you, our patient, feel at home and most importantly, help you, our patient hear better in a relaxing, professional, and courteous environment. When you are at either our Liberty or Gladstone clinics you will not feel like a number, rather, you will feel special and have our full attention in determining what is the best direction for your hearing health and your interests. When you are a patient at one of our clinics, you are a part of our family. Welcome to the Beltone family.

When Daniel isn’t managing the Gladstone or Liberty Beltone offices, Daniel can usually be found listening to music, riding his road bike or mountain bike, playing tennis, or spending quality time with family and friends.